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The Kids Zone will be constantly updated especially over the next month... The content will be added to Daily over the next week. Reload the page when you return for your next visit!!

We are opening up the "Zone" with two sections. The first is a tutorial on adding  E-Mail Sigs  to your kid's e-mail page with many pre-made sigs to choose from!!

The second part consists of sites for fun and educational places on the Internet for children and the young at heart.

The Introduction Page will give you and your children to opportunity to learn about surfing safely, and your kids may obtain their "Internet Explorer's License" there before proceeding to the Gateway to the sites we've collected for your enjoyment. There are other additions to the Zone to come!

The Kids Zone was Created by

They are:

Sargent Sureshot aka mattsmomma

Colonel Buckeye aka vietnamvet46

Captain Bligh aka aPiratelksat30

Pvt Mikeo38 aka Mikeo38

Agent Iceman aka Larry_1

....Special Thanks to Captain Cube for her help!!!

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