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Hi there kids! In this section we would like to show you step by step on just how easy it is to put images into your e-mail. This would be a wonderful way to impress your friends, and also to show everyone just what you like! For this tutorial we will be using 3 graphics..a background, an animated image, and a teddy bear line. You can also use just plain color backgrounds. Check out what colors you can use for backgrounds and text by going here.

Let me show you the example I've put together for you now.

This is the background we will be using for our tutorial.

This is the animation we will be using for our tutorial.

And,f inally we will use this teddy bear line to complete our tutorial. Now onto the fun part!

The first thing you will need to do is become familiar with your signature box, as this is where you will be placing all the "codes" in for your images. To find your signature box, first click on the "mail" button on your keyboard. then on the left-hand site, there is a "settings" button, click on that. This will take you to another screen which you will see the word "signature". Click on this button.
Here are some actual pictures of this process:

Settings highlighted

Signature highlighted

Once you have clicked on "signature", you will see a gray box. This is appropriately known as your "sig-box". Your codes will go in this box. the VERY FIRST code you need to put in your sig box is this
<<>html>. Here is an example:

<<>html> code first thing in sig box

The next part we will add is our background image. We will add this code to our sig-box. right after the <<>html>, no spaces allowed!
Here is the code:
<<>body background="http://adwhkids/vidcaps/kidsbkd.gif" bgcolor="white" text="crimson">
An example of this would look like this:

Background in place

Now we will place our animated dancers and our teddybear line in our sig-box. To do that we will add these 2 codes for that:

<<>center><<>img src="http:/adwhkids/vidcaps/kids.gif">

<<>img src="http:/adwhkids/vidcaps/tbearlin.gif">
An example of the finished sig will look something like this:

The finished sig!

The codes I used in this tutorial I used to make my work a little easier, but here I will give you the code in its entirety so you may use it as you like:

Just copy and paste it into your sig box!

<<>html><<>body background=" /kidsbkd.gif" bgcolor="white" text="crimson"><<>center> <<>img src="">
<<>img src="">

To put just a plain background color and text in your e-mail sig, you would use this code:

<<>body bgcolor="color" text="color">

You can still use images in your sig, just as shown above with the printed background.

We hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, and we also have some more "pre-made" sigs for your e-mails. We also hope to provide you with links to kid-friendly graphic sites so you may choose other designs for your liking.

Visit the ADWH Kids Zone